The New Hampshire Chess Association (NHCA) is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote chess in the state of New Hampshire. The NHCA runs six major tournaments a year, these include:

  1. Queen City Tornado
  2. New Hampshire Quick Chess Championship
  3. New Hampshire Open
  4. New Hampshire Senior Championship
  5. New Hampshire Amateur Championship
  6. New Hampshire Scholastic Individual Championships
  7. New Hampshire Scholastic Team Championships

Walter Fabian 1953-2020

The NHCA mourns the passing of Walter Fabian, an avid supporter of chess in New Hampshire. Walter was a kind and intelligent man, with an eagerness to serve that led him to a position on the NHCA’s Policy Board. Walter was also a talented chess player, with his most noteworthy accomplishment being his performance at the 2017 New Hampshire Senior Championship, where he emerged as co-New Hampshire Senior Champion. Walter’s friendly, welcoming and easy-going nature embodied what the NHCA strives for in our chess-playing community. He’ll be sorely missed.

Upcoming Events


A Heritage Event!
A State Championship Event!

4SS, G/90 +30. Holiday Inn, 9 Northeastern Blvd near exit 4 of Everett Turnpike (Rte 3), Nashua, NH 03062; 603-888-1551. $$ 1,515 Gtd. 12 players max per section (NH players given preference) in 3 sections; preregistration required. Championship: open to all. EF: $50. $$Gtd: $200-150-100, U2000 $120. NH Champion title to top NH resident. Tim Chevalier Memorial Prize $100 to top NH resident under age 21. Under 1850: EF: $50. $$Gtd: $150-120-100, U1650 $100. Under 1450: EF: $50. $$ Gtd: $120-100-80, U1000 $75. All sections: NHCA membership required of rated NH residents; dues $8 adult, $6 under 19. Adherence to NHCA Covid protocols is required. Reg.: Must preregister by July 19th. Rds 10-3, 9:30-2:30. Half-point bye okay in any one Rd except Rd 4 of Champ section; must commit before start of Rd 2. No half-point byes for players receiving full-point byes. HR: $119, reserve directly with hotel at 603-888-1551 (mention NH Chess). To secure a spot, apply by e-mail to johnpelmore@yahoo.com before 6 p.m. on Monday 7/19. NH players may apply starting June 1st. If capacity is not reached by July 1st, out-of-state players will be permitted to apply. Note that achieving balanced numbers in the three sections will be a priority and may influence who is accepted. The final list of those accepted will be posted shortly after Monday 7/21; players will also be notified by e-mail and instructed to pay the EF on Square Market. Tournament-related questions, withdrawals etc. to Bob Messenger at bob.messenger@myfairpoint.net.