The New Hampshire Chess Association (NHCA) is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to promote chess in the state of New Hampshire. The NHCA runs six major tournaments a year, these include:

  1. Queen City Tornado
  2. New Hampshire Quick Chess Championship
  3. New Hampshire Open
  4. New Hampshire Senior Championship
  5. New Hampshire Amateur Championship
  6. New Hampshire Scholastic Individual Championships
  7. New Hampshire Scholastic Team Championships

Walter Fabian 1953-2020

The NHCA mourns the passing of Walter Fabian, an avid supporter of chess in New Hampshire. Walter was a kind and intelligent man, with an eagerness to serve that led him to a position on the NHCA’s Policy Board. Walter was also a talented chess player, with his most noteworthy accomplishment being his performance at the 2017 New Hampshire Senior Championship, where he emerged as co-New Hampshire Senior Champion. Walter’s friendly, welcoming and easy-going nature embodied what the NHCA strives for in our chess-playing community. He’ll be sorely missed.

Upcoming Events


Due to COVID-19, the New Hampshire Chess Association has been forced to cancel the remainder of its 2020 schedule, including the Scholastic Individual Championships, the Scholastic Team Championships, the New Hampshire Open, and the New Hampshire Amateur. Events for 2021 are expected to go forward once conditions permit a return to over-the-board chess, including the New Hampshire Open on July 24-25, 2021 and the New Hampshire Amateur on November 6, 2021.